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Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)


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Current Programs:


High School Recognition Award - $500


University – Undergraduate Recognition Award - $1000


University – Graduate Recognition Award - $1000


Qualifications for Applying:


1) Currently enrolled student within a high school, college or university in the United States.


2) Publication of an essay / article within your school’s newspaper or a local / national newspaper in which you discuss themes relating to the history, culture, literature and or heritage of the Iranian people or the achievements of scholars, scientists and leaders of Iranian descent. The essay should aim to emphasize the positive achievements of Iran and Iranians and their contributions to society or enlightening aspects of history related to the Iranian-American community.


Although the essay can be on any subject, the following are some possible suggestions:




Discuss the importance and leadership of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh in the history of Iran.


The Cyrus Charter of Human Rights dating back to Sixth Century B.C. is regarded by historians as the oldest human rights document. Discuss its importance and significance in Persian and world history.


Culture / Literature / Scholarship:


The meaning of Norooz and the Haftseen Table.


Discussion of any of the famous poets from Iran, their philosophy as revealed through their poems and influence in Persian and world literature (some possible examples include Rumi, Ferdousi and Sadi.)


Discussion of Persian physician and philosopher Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and his contributions to the field of medicine and philosophy.


Current Leaders:


Discussion of Iranian-American academic, community or business leaders and their contributions to their respective fields. There are many outstanding Iranian-American leaders making significant contributions to the American society. From entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley to leading physicians and scientific investigators throughout the US. Pick your favorite Iranian-American role model or leader and write about them.


Application Process for the 2015 Programs:


Submit the following documents by December 15, 2014 for consideration: a cover letter telling us about yourself, your background and achievements, any leadership experiences you may have had and your reasons for applying to this program (no more than two pages), a data sheet with your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, current year in school and the name and location of your school, a digital copy of your valid student ID, a scanned digital copy of your published article, a Word Document copy of the article as a reference, and a digital scanned copy of your official transcript indicating your GPA. Send these documents via one e-mail to:



Please note that publications in Iranian-American journals and newspapers do not qualify. A key goal of this program is to reward students who through their leadership and activities share knowledge about Iran and the Iranian-American community within the American community.


From each category (High School, Undergraduate, Graduate) one winner will be selected. Decisions will be based on the originality and insightfulness of the published work and academic achievement. Selected candidates will be asked to provide official transcripts sent directly from their school to our program prior to award announcements. After official transcripts have been verified, the winners will be announced by March 1st of 2015 and award checks will be mailed to them by Norooz of 2015.


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