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Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)


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The Persian Scholarship Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Tax-deductible donations are welcome from all who wish to contribute to the mission of the foundation.


To make an online credit card donation to the foundation, please click on the following button:

For donations above $2000, please send a check to The Persian Scholarship Foundation, 1434 Westwood Blvd. #5, Los Angeles, CA 90024.


All donors will receive a letter thanking them for their contribution with their donation amount stated in the letter along with the foundation's non-profit number that they can use for tax deduction purposes.


Patrons of the Persian Scholarship Foundation:


All individuals who make at least a $1000 contribution to The Persian Scholarship Foundation to support and expand its programs will be recognized as Patrons of the Foundation. Patrons can participate in the PSF Patrons Association--a private and exclusive networking association at which PSF Patrons can get to know each other and participate in group programs that may be of interest to them: social and cultural events, educational programs, private investment clubs, sector-specific angel investment groups and group travel programs.


Specific Fellowship Programs:


If you would like to honor your family or a specific family member by starting a fellowship program named after your family / family member (whereby you define the qualifications that you are looking for in students in order to grant the scholarship and / or wish to participate in the selection of the candidates that apply to your fellowship program), you can do so through the Persian Scholarship Foundation by making a minimum $10,000 commitment to scholarship support of Iranian-American students. Through this program, you can receive your tax deductions for your support of students and honor your family or loved one. To inquire about how you can start a fellowship program named after your family or a loved-one and provide support to Iranian-American students, please write to:



Persian Scholarship Foundation (Iranian-American Scholarships)

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